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  • Aspetzberger B. - Creation of a digital twin of the CSM laboratory
  • Gehmayr P. - Tool recognition and automatic gripping and depositing with a mobile UR10 robot unit
  • Pleiner F. - Automatic component recognition at an assistive assembly workstation using machine learning
  • Siegl R. - Automatic component recognition at an assistive assembly workstation using Matlab/LabView
  • Wagner M. - Creation of a HMI for a ZENON - SCADA system to the flexible manufacturing system of the CSM laboratory


  • Pleiner F. - Virtual assembly of components with Unity
  • Spitzer F. - Development of the FHOÖ OPCx Framework
  • Spitzer F. - A generic approach for industrial application of skill-based engineering using OPC UA


  • Bernhard S. - Elaboration of a construction rule for the static plant model in WinMOD
  • Bräuer Ch. - Generic framework for the generation of SPS process visualizations
  • Leimer L. - Mobile Robot Telemetric Data - Recording and Deployment
  • Leimer L. - Graphical User Interface for Mobile Robots - Requirements Analysis and Design
  • Schönberger D. - CAD-based generation of an assembly sequence under consideration of human-robot collaboration
  • Wirth A. - Implementation of camera-based workspace monitoring for collaborative robot systems


  • Spitzer F. - Implementation of a lightweight SCADA system on .NET Core basis


  • Igelsböck Ch. - Energy optimization measures for electrical drive systems with special focus on the cascaded control loop