The research group Smart Automation & Robotics is currently working on 4 main topics:

These 4 key areas are divided into the following topics which are pursued in parallel in study and research projects:

Process Modeling:

  • Product lines and variability modeling
  • Discrete workflow modelling of assembly processes
  • Skill-based programming using OPC/UA methods
  • Human-centered modeling of assembly/manufacturing processes

Smart Mobile Robotics:

  • Construction of modular robot systems
  • Autonomous systems for logistics and rescue operations
  • Electronics development and design
  • Hardware-related programming in C/C++
  • ROS - Robot Operating System
  • Environment and robot simulation in GAZEBO
  • SLAM, 2D/3D mapping
  • Path planning
  • Sensor fusion

Digital Factory / Simulation / CAD Processing

  • Virtual commissioning of the entire plant at sensor/actuator level
  • Visualization and real-time simulation of the entire production process with Unity, etc.
  • AR/VR in production and maintenance
  • Digital Twins as hardware-in-the-loop & software-in-the-loop model
  • Code generation on IEC/C level
  • Industrial communication with OPC UA, MQTT,

Robotics / Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Flexible, optimal assembly of components with robots
  • Assistance systems in production
  • Robot Simulation - Energy Studies with Matlab/Simulink
  • Condition monitoring and load management of robots
  • Safety in human-robot collaboration (MRK)
  • 3D room monitoring by means of AOPD
  • Robot simulation in MRK cells