In the research group simulation of production plants and machines is applied in teaching and research. The use of simulation for the determination/optimization of process and plant parameters is explained to students in teaching. Methods for the development, programming and interaction of and with simulations are developed in in-depth courses and research projects.

In addition to industrial standard software such as KUKA SimPro, ABB Robotstudio, WinMod, we also rely on more open technologies such as Unity. Unity is currently used to create complete simulations of our laboratory environment, which can be displayed and operated in VR as well as in a browser. These simulations serve in the first instance to visualize and get to know our labs. However, the simulations are constantly being further developed to also function as digital twins with direct coupling to the real plant.

The following simulation shows our self-developed PUMA robot. The simulation in the laboratory is directly coupled to the control of the robot and allows simultaneous movement of robot and simulation.

Instructions: Click on the control panel on the left side of the robot to bring it into the foreground. By pressing the buttons on the panel it can be moved.